Protecting your business is the intelligent choice for any company. Brookvex Security provides its customers with the most effective ways to protect their staff and premises through the implementation of security systems - from CCTV surveillance systems, Intruder alarms, Access Control and PA systems to bespoke electric gate installations, security shutters and grills - to match their required level of protection.

Whether you require a higher level of security through a sophisticated combination of multiple security systems, or you prefer to opt for an individual solution dependent on your security needs, Brookvex has a broad selection of security and surveillance solutions tailored to your requirements.


In either case, you can rest assured that Brookvex Security has a comprehensive wealth of experience in the installation of technologies to advise you on the right solution and provide you with the desired security enhancements. From a single camera or door system to corporation-wide, multi-site access control systems, Brookvex Security is happy to assist with all of your security and Surveillance solutions.

Access Control

The requirement for authorised and controlled access to premises, or on a more granular level is an ever-growing requirement for businesses.


Brookvex Security has the highest-level partnerships with leading global security manufacturers. We also invest in highly qualified IT staff, enabling us to offer the highest quality and most robust secure solutions.



At Brookvex we supply and install the latest, fully scalable high definition IP CCTV systems. The scalability allows us to tailor the solution to the size of your business, whilst protecting that investment by growing that system as you grow.

We have an extensive portfolio of cameras and equipment to suit any environment. Our cameras capture footage in unparalleled high definition.

The efficient video search facility allows for fast and effective video playback, ensuring your able to retrieve evidence immediately.


The feature rich systems also provide advanced video searching, event logging, licence plate recognition and bookmarks guaranteeing a valuable surveillance solution.

Intercom Systems

Brookvex are also able to offer and integrate audio and video communication systems to suit a wide range of requirements, which include:

  • Networking of intercom systems across geographical dispersed sites and buildings

  • Intercom stations with access control capabilities for doors, gates and barriers

  • Public address

  • Disabled refuge

  • Special intercom stations for mobility, sight or hearing-impaired people

  • Interfaces for building management and third-party systems; integration of telephones

Physical Locking

At Brookvex we’re able to provide physical or electronic solutions for businesses and many other establishments within the Government and Healthcare sectors.

We have established partnerships with the market leading physical security companies and locksmiths’. We also specialise in the design and installation of security shutters, electronic gates and bollards.


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