Brookvex Security delivers proactive and integrated monitoring services.

The term 24/7 is synonymous with modern life, but when it comes to monitoring, Brookvex Security offers just that: around-the-clock monitoring.

When you're a corporate organisation focused on your business goals, avoiding any issues relating to security is absolutely paramount.  Monitoring requires less management time, and enables Brookvex Security to flag up any problems before they occur, avoiding any unnecessary and costly problems.

Overall, it reduces the threat to your business, improves the management of your systems and protects the overall safety of your business.

Our continuous monitoring programme means we can notify the client when an issue has been identified and then again when it has been resolved. We ensure that these problems and potential risks are resolved within the SLA (service level agreement).

Being proactive is key to our monitoring service. It means we are cost effective and helps you to avoid problems which may otherwise result in a security threat to your business.

If you think it's time you looked into securing the safety of your business with our monitoring services, contact your Brookvex Security Advisor today on

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