Brookvex provides a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • System Design

  • Full fire alarm installation

  • Ongoing preventative maintenace

  • Remote monitoring

  • 24 Hour support

Everyone has the responsibility to protect life and property from the devastating impact from fire. 

There are many ways of detecting fire or smoke and at Brookvex we can supply and install a vast array of different products to suit individual needs. It is essential that you choose the right alarm system, our surveyors have expert knowledge of the various systems available within the current market place.


Conventional Fire Alarms

A conventional alarm system requires a building to be divided into a number of different areas called zones. The detectors and manual call points within each zone are wired in dedicated circuits.

When a detector or manual call point is triggered, the panel identifies which circuit contains the device and indicates this as a zone on the control panel.

It is then necessary to manually search the indicated zone to find the exact cause of the alarm.

A conventional fire alarm is ideally suited to smaller or premises with simplistic layouts.


Addressable Fire Alarms

An addressable fire alarm system is comprised of multiple detectors and devices all connected back to a central control panel.


The primary difference from a conventional fire alarm is that each detector and device attached is given a unique name or description. In the event of a detector, or manual activation that unique name will be displayed on the control panel. This removes the need to manually search for the cause of the activation, and as we all know with fire time saves lives.

The benefits and advantages of addressable fire alarms

  • Determine the location of a fire quickly

  • Greater reliability and reduced risk of lossed connections

  • User programmable actions

  • Lower wiring costs

An addressable fire alarm system is ideally suited to larger commercial premises.


Wireless Fire Systems

Brookvex has a comprehensive range of wireless systems suitable to many applications.


A wireless systems has all the benefits of an addressable system but without the level of disruption during installation, and damage to the fabric of the building.

This is achieved as the system communicates via radio, so very limited cabling is required. In addition the system can be pre configured  offsite, so time to install is greatly reduced.

Aspirating Fire Systems

An aspirating smoke detector consists of a central detection unit which draws air through a network of pipes to detect smoke.

Aspirating smoke detectors are highly sensitive and are able to detect smoke before it is even visible to the humane eye.


Fire Alarm Monitoring

Brookvex fire alarm monitoring service includes:

  • Requesting Police and Fire Service response to confirmed activations

  • Liason with appointed keyholders

  • Customer support and false activation abort

  • Fault reporting

Fire alarm should be monitored 24 hours a day. Brookvex believes the protection of your business and property is our highest priority.

We strongly recommend that you have your fire alarm system monitored and especially outside normal business hours.


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