Evaluate - Consult - Train - Install - Maintain



At Brookvex Security our experience has shown us the importance of choosing a trusted company that can deliver the right solutions on time and on budget with minimum downtime and impact. With a tried and tested advisory and consultative approach reinforcing and underpinning each project, Brookvex Security delivers a breadth of expertise and experience to your business. We evaluate your situation in line with your business's objectives and requirements to ensure you achieve your overall goals.  This includes a Brookvex Security  audit to obtain a clear understanding of your current security environment so that we can propose a workable and viable solution.


With our flexible, consultative approach, we not only provide a technical evaluation and survey but we also provide a dedicated Brookvex Security Adviser to look at your infrastructure needs as a whole.  With an accredited skill-set covering a broad range of security solutions, technologies and expertise, we identify the approach that is best for your business through a carefully designed project management process.


Our independence, coupled with our expertise, means we are well positioned to advise you on the products and solutions that best fit your business objectives.

Together with our preferred suppliers we are able to recommend the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.


Our success lies in the successful completion of security installations in critical environments. Every installation has a dedicated Brookvex Security Adviser overseeing the project who is guided by clear processes and procedures. The result is a saving of money and resource which in this era of financial restraint is a target for all organisations.

Maintain & Monitor

Brookvex Security delivers carefully planned maintenance services. Our aim is to pre-empt any potential operational blips or technical infrastructure problems.

The Brookvex Security services are in line with your service level agreements, which are offered as part of a tailor-made maintenance package to best fit your needs, providing flexibility where required.

As part of our service and commitment to the environment, Brookvex Security also seeks to extend equipment life, wherever possible, to give you a better return on investment, while in turn decreasing your business's overall energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint.

However complex your objectives are, you can be confident that we can provide intelligent security solutions to fulfil your requirements and surpass your expectations.

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